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OpenText Unveils New Generation of Web-Based Remote Application Access Solution

12 December 2013
OpenText has announced OpenText Exceed VA TurboX (ETX), a faster and more secure, web-based remote application access solution that allows enterprise users to work and collaborate virtually using Linux and UNIX applications and desktops anywhere in the world.
Built to support mission-critical environments, Linux and UNIX run some of the most demanding business applications supporting diverse functions such as finance, electronic design automation, engineering, oil & gas exploration, infrastructure monitoring and transportation. Providing faster and more secure access to these applications for a mobile and geographically dispersed workforce can be challenging. Users want the same level of support and accessibility, whether they are traveling, attending off-site meetings or conducting business from a home office.
OpenText ETX will offer a superior level of performance and stability, including: universal web access, uninterrupted productivity, increased cost-efficiency. For more details, see the OpenText announcement.  
OpenText provides Enterprise Information Management software that helps companies of all sizes and industries to manage, secure and leverage their unstructured business information, either in their data center or in the cloud. Over 50,000 companies already use OpenText solutions to unleash the power of their information.
GxP Partners is an OpenText strategic implementation partner.

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