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We have been partnering with business organizations for over 20 years to help them stay ahead of the technology curve. Whether it be process automation or digital transformation – it’s really all about leveraging technology to deliver modern solutions to solve real business needs and challenges.

Find out why leading companies are choosing GxP Partners and the Appian Low-Code Software platform to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • Build applications 20x faster than traditional coding*
  • #1 Customer Satisfaction**
  • Average customer generates $12m in business value*

*Forrester **Gartner

GxP Partners worked with NuLife Med to create CAOS (Claims and Appeals Optimization System), which they are using to optimize workflow thereby reducing time to reimbursement. NuLife Med was so enamored of the technology and the process that they invested in GxP Partners.

Tarrant County was faced with multiple legacy issues surrounding applications and their systems running those applications. The Appian platform was brought in to improve, consolidate, and retire those various legacy applications.


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